Site ToDo’s

Items highlighted in Bold are first priority.

  • Format code-blocks with language heading.
  • Add a TOC to longer notes and essays.
  • Review and
  • Look at app integration (obsidian > zettlr?) for note writing process. - Look into bear HTML export
  • Automate backlink process and git pushing (0.3.1)
  • Add footnotes operation (0.3.2)
  • Add subheading linking (0.3.2)

  • Open external links in new tabs by default (with js) currently not possible due to markdownify parsing internal & external links to html.

    rewrite code:

    // if link contains open in same window
    // else open in new window

  • Add backlinks to notes pages.
  • Bugs in auto sort menu alphabetically`
  • Update highlight colors for strong and em in ./_sass/overrides.scss
  • Look into table formatting.
  • Add a main menu section for longform essays & link to them from their respective topic folders.