The Python Style Guide

PEP 8 is a guideline document produced by the creators of Python to outline the best practices of how to write python to improve readability and consistency. The document gives coding conventions for the standard library in the main python distribution. The style guide evolves over time as additional conventions are identified and past conventions are rendered obsolete by changes to the language.

Many projects have their own coding style guidelines. In the event of any conflicts, such project-specific guides take precedence for that project.

One of the key insights is that code is read much more often than it is written. The PEP 8 guidelines are intended to improve the readability of code and make it consistent across the wide spectrum of Python implementations.

The most up to date version of the style guide is available here

PEP - Python Enhancement Proposals

PEP contains the index of all Python Enhancement Proposals, known as PEPs. PEP numbers are assigned by the PEP editors, and once assigned are never changed. The version control history of PEP texts represent their historical record.