IP Address

IP address is a set of numbers that represents a unique location on the web. If you want to send a message (Packets) to another computer you need to know the IP address to send it too. But humans have a hard time remembering these numbers so we can alias it with a domain name. IP addresses can change over time (hardware updates etc). So a static domain name is the easiest way to find another computer (server) on the network^[Websites can also be reached directly via typing the IP address into your browser if you so wish.].

IP addresses stop your information from going to the wrong computer. Every computer has an unique IP.

  • What happens when you visit a web page
    • When you click a link or type a URL (Uniform Resource Locator)^[The URL is a way of addressing pages and resources online. (URL’s will be formatted as such: Protocol (eg, http)://Host (server)/Path( the specific location of the resource being requested).) into your browser, the browser is matching the IP Address in the DNS from your browser to the server.