Introduction to Front End Coding

Front end coding lives primarily in your browser. When you search or click a link your browser receives HTML files from the server, which will in turn tell the browser to retreive the CSS, JavaScript or whatever other files it requires. You browser will the figure out how to put it all together based on the instructions from the HTML.

The differences between development and design

The front end developer handles all of the possible interactions that a user might make. Front end developers need to be highly conscious of who their end users are as they are building the gateway to pages and ultimately products for them. It is a mix of programming and layout that powers the visuals and interactions of a user experience.

Front-end Coding Language Basics

HTML, CSS and JavaScript are sometimes described as front end languages (Front End vs Back End Coding). They are the component files that make up a websites content. Commonly known as code files. (Other component files are known as assets which is a collective name for things like music, video, images and other documents such as PDF’s).

These code files are the building blocks of the web. Together they make the public-facing part of a website that a user sees. (Developers working primarily with these languages are often called ‘front-end developers’). A website will usually have separate CSS and HTML files.