Front End vs Back End Coding

How would you explain the difference between front-end and back-end web development to a 5-year-old?

Pretend a website is a car. There are a lot of things inside of a car that help it run – make it speed up, slow down, even keep on the lights. All of these things you can’t really see – but are really important – that’s the back-end.   But then there are items that you directly use in the car to make it go: your gas and brake pedals, the steering wheel. And there are also a lot of things on that car that make it fun to drive and cool to look at: a racing stripe, a slick leather interior. All the stuff you can directly touch, see or hear? That’s the front end.

  • Introduction to Front End Coding
    • HTML, CSS and JavaScript are sometimes described as front end languages (Front End vs Back End Coding). They are the component files that make up a websites content. Commonly known as code files. (Other component files are known as assets which is a collective name for things like music, video, images and other documents such as PDF’s).