.Net is an open source developer platform. (A platform simply means that it contains the languages and libraries needed to build your apps.) Supported languages are C-Sharp, F#, and VB.

NuGet is a package manager for .NET

There is a number of .NET implementations depending on what you are working on. The

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.NET Core

Runs on any OS (Mac, Windows, Linux).

.NET Framework

Supports websites and desktop app building on windows.

Xamarin / Mono

.NET for mobile.

When using any of the above frameworks you write in the .NET standard for a hassle free workflow. .NET standard is a base set of API’s common to all implementations. Each implementation can also expose API’s that are specific to the platform you are working on.

Create a .NET apps

$ dotnet new console -o appname
  • Creates a new app with the console template.
  • -o creates the directory ‘appname’
$ dotnet run

Runs the application in terminal