Dictionaries are similar to arrays. They use keys and values to manage data (rather than indexes). Each value can be accessed by calling it’s key. A value can be any object (strings, ints, lists etc). Only immutable object can be written to a dictionary. Use tuples, not lists. (Ref: Tuples and Lists)

Dictionaries can be written as follows:

phonebook = {}
phonebook["Bill"] = "98765432"
phonebook["George"] = "44765292020298"
phonebook["Sue"] = "019191872653"

- or -

phonebook = {"Bill" = "98765432",
             "George" = "44765292020298",
             "Sue" = "019191872653"}

Note: Dictionaries don’t keep key-value pairs in order. You will need to use a for loop to iterate over a dictionary:

for name, number in phonebook.items():
    print(f"{name}'s number is {number}")

Remove a value:

del phonebook["George"]

- or -