Bull Markets

A Stock Markets bull market means that prices are progressively rising, going up aggressively, usually in the longer term.

Every ber market (Bear Markets) in history has eventually become a bull market, regardless of how bleak the news seemed at the time.

  • We’ve just ridden out the longest bull market in history. A then corona. What happens next? Will it bounce back or will this create a lengthy bear/bull bounce? Or will we just drop back into bear when we find out that professional investors can’t stand the pain?

  • Stock Markets
  • Bear Markets
    • Stock Markets can be wildly volatile along the way. It’s not unusual for the market to fall 20% to 50% every few years. On average, the market is down about one in every four years. A bear market means prices are dropping at a rate of over 20% over the short term. Historically, bear markets have happened every three to five years on average but the gap between bear markets and bull markets (Bull Markets) is getting longer in modern times